Education & Mentorship
Denise Chanez

This committee works on high school, undergraduate and graduate education and mentoring through our statewide high school outreach program (led by Denise Chanez), our law student mentorship program with MALSA (led by Robert Sanchez), our ever-popular Law Camp (led by Cristina Chavez) for middle-school aged children from across the State, and our law school scholarship work (led by Denise Chanez).

Statewide High School Outreach: To maintain and increase the diversity of the legal profession, the NMHBA Foundation and the NMHBA have several educational programs focused on different levels of the educational pipeline. One main area of focus is at the high school level through the statewide high school outreach initiative. Through this program, attorneys and judges visit with high school students about pursuing higher education and a career in the legal profession. In the past, attorneys have also worked with the students on mock trial activities, such as a mock cross-examination exercise. New Mexico appellate judges, including Supreme Court Justice Edward L. Chavez, have participated in the high school outreach program as well, speaking to students across the state about their backgrounds and their judicial careers. When possible, the high school outreach efforts are usually coordinated with the NMHBA's statewide "meet and greet" and CLE events.

MALSA Mentorship Program: For years, the NMHBA has supported its sister organization, the Mexican American Law Student Association, by providing mentorship to law students. The mentorship program pairs attorneys from the NMHBA with MALSA members. Attorney mentors assist their law student mentees by providing career advice and any other support a student may need. The NMHBA and MALSA usually have two joint events during the school year that are attended by all of the mentors and mentees.
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16th Annual NMHBA Holiday Fundraiser

December 2nd, 2016
Property Tax CLE w/ Meet & Greet Reception

June 9th, 2017
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December 2nd, 2016