The NMHBA has five main committees: Membership & Member Services, Education & Mentorship, Advocacy, Fundraising & Banquets, and Budget, Policies & Compliance. A brief description of the work each committee does, as well as the Chair of each committee are listed below. All members are encouraged to join a committee to achieve the full benefit of their membership in the NMHBA and to help accomplish the organization's mission. To join a committee, simply email or call the listed Chair or Chairs.

Membership & Member Services: This committee plans and holds our popular Meet & Greets throughout the State, as well as coordinates all member retention and recruitment efforts. This committee also houses our CLE Sub-Committee and our Legal Professionals Subdivision. The Chairs of the Membership & Member Services Committee are Chris Melendrez and Elaine Lujan.

Education & Mentorship: This committee works on high school, undergraduate and graduate education and mentoring through our statewide high school outreach program (led by Robert Sanchez), our law student mentorship program with MALSA (led by Jorge Alvarado), our ever-popular Law Camp for middle-school aged children from across the State (led by Carlos Pacheco), and our law school scholarship work (led by Denise Chanez). The Co-Chairs of the Education & Mentorship Committee are Monnica Garcia and Robert Sanchez.

Advocacy: This committee advocates on behalf of the NMHBA in our community, including through judicial endorsements, resolutions, and other involvement in community initiatives. The Chair of the Advocacy & Community Justice Committee is Jessica Terrazas.

Fundraising: This committee executes our annual holiday fundraiser and our bi-annual Fall awards banquet, as well as all other fundraising initiatives. The Chair of the Fundraising Committee is Damian Lara.

Budget, Policies & Compliance: This committee prepares our annual budget, reviews and modifies policies for the NMHBA as necessary, and works to ensure the NMHBA’s compliance with all existing laws. The Chair is Damian Lara.

16th Annual NMHBA Holiday Fundraiser

December 2nd, 2016
Property Tax CLE w/ Meet & Greet Reception

June 9th, 2017
Save the Date: NMHBA & Somos 3rd Annual Wage Theft CLE in Gallup!

December 2nd, 2016